Risk Mitigation and Management

Risk mitigation instruments: A number of reports, instruments and initiatives were developed to address pest and diseases, climate and market risks. The reports developed include:  

Alongside with the development of risk mitigation instruments, disease resistant germplasm and planting plans were approved. The following activities are highlighted:

Highlights and Relevant Risk Mitigation Case Studies:

  1. Transboundary movement of coconut germplasm. Importation of germplasm from Costa Rica was not successful as the Costa Rican sampling methods failed to detect the red ring nematode in the seednuts. The shipments had to be rejected. It also provides the project with new information that the nematode can effectively be transmitted through seednuts. This is not currently available in the literature.  
  2. Importance of understanding the pest life cycle: In Dominican Republic one farmer used coconut trunks as support for passionfruit intercropped with young coconut seedlings. The rhinoceros beetle multiplied in the trunk and devasted most of the coconut seedlings.
  3. Emergence of Castnia Daedalus coconut moth borer in Suriname
  4. Emergence of Cockle in Guyana; “El Cataron” in DR.
  5. IPM being tried for Red Ring control in Piparo, Trinidad.